Thursday, February 19, 2015


So in the last few weeks we have gotten ALOT of snow!  I have not officially measured our accumulation, but it is a significant amount.  The snow drifts are at the top of our electric fence which is at least 4 feet high...that is going to take a LONG time to melt!!

K helping me take things to the root cellar...notice the fence posts...
This is K falling through the snow...kind of funny from where I was
Ok ok...I will admit that it is just makes things that much more challenging.  Getting to the chickens...letting them out if they choose to go...they really don't like the snow much.  The cows are having a challenge walking through the drifts so again we have shovelled an area just outside their entrance so they can enjoy the sun.
Spirit in the Sun

We put hay around the entrance so they can get some sun
The light is spectacular...
I think the cats have the best idea...

Sleeping in a nice warm and comfy bed....

and watching it all take place from inside!

Until next time...oh yeah...sorry for the spots on the was taken through one of our bedroom windows...I guess it is time to wash them!!

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