Thursday, January 15, 2015


Way back in October, this is what K was doing...picking apples with his homemade apple ladder.  He was inspired by a Peter Barss' book to make the ladder as well as the apple press. 

K picking our old apples

 The result of our apple picking as well as from some of our neighbours trees...
The apples
 In the background you can see the apple press.  Karl made the oak barrels and designed the stand and the actual press.  The apples waiting to be squeezed....

K, his harvest and press

Adding apples
Apples being added and pressed.  The system worked very well with lots of bottles of juice to be had!

Nice fresh juice
Squeezing for the most juice possible

We did freeze alot of the juice and also decided to try to make some "hard" cider.  We let the juice ferment in a carboy for over a month and then bottled it.

Hard Cider
Now for the finished product...another month to wait to see how good the juice is on the "hard" side.