Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Day

The time has come to process our "Baby Boy"...the Holstein steer that has been companion to our beautiful Jersey girl Spirit.  Now that Spirit has Ozzy, we can make the move to utilize Baby Boy for our winter supply of meat.  It is not as easy as it may seem.  We know that he had a great, happy, healthy just means it comes to an end. 

I have never been this involved with my food before...I eat meat and quite enjoy it.  The decision to choose the day when Baby Boy became Freezer Boy...was a very emotional, mental and physical journey.  I thank K and our friends that helped us that day.  I was not present the day that it happened...I had market to do...thankfully.  K was very proactive and took the steps that were needed for Baby Boy to die in a peaceful and contented manner.  I am very proud of him and respect him for this journey.   

I was part of the journey when it came time to choose the cuts of meat and how to package.  I was surprised at myself that I was ok with it and that I was able to appreciate and honour Baby Boy in the way that I could.

We thank you Baby Boy for your wonderful energy and helping us in our farm journey and providing us nutrients in more ways than one.  Namaste

Day 1 at HillTop Farm 2012


Spirit and her pal

Enjoying a beautiful summer eve

Thanks for everything!