Saturday, May 3, 2014

New on the Farm

May 2014...lots of change and new beginnings here at HillTop

Ozzy...the newest addition to HillTop
Spirit did a wonderful job and we now have a new little calf here on the farm.  He was born April 26th at about 5am...she did it all on her own.  K got up to go check on her, and Ozzy was already here!  What a wonderful surprise

Ozzy having a milk break
She is such a wonderful mom...she is so gentle and patient...we are so very fortunate to have her in our lives. 

Smarty Pants has also found some friends to hang out with...

We call her Minnie because she looks very much like our late Spartucus...we miss him...she is great company for Smarty Pants.

Mo and her Greenhouse

The greenhouse has been an AMAZING addition...we have had greens all winter and have been able to bring them to market since March which has been great for our own eating habits as well as to add some colour to our market table.  We have a wonderful community market  that brings a smile to my face on Saturday mornings.  It is great to see everyone enjoying each others company and relaxing and taking a Saturday morning break. 
Greens growing!

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