Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Day

The time has come to process our "Baby Boy"...the Holstein steer that has been companion to our beautiful Jersey girl Spirit.  Now that Spirit has Ozzy, we can make the move to utilize Baby Boy for our winter supply of meat.  It is not as easy as it may seem.  We know that he had a great, happy, healthy just means it comes to an end. 

I have never been this involved with my food before...I eat meat and quite enjoy it.  The decision to choose the day when Baby Boy became Freezer Boy...was a very emotional, mental and physical journey.  I thank K and our friends that helped us that day.  I was not present the day that it happened...I had market to do...thankfully.  K was very proactive and took the steps that were needed for Baby Boy to die in a peaceful and contented manner.  I am very proud of him and respect him for this journey.   

I was part of the journey when it came time to choose the cuts of meat and how to package.  I was surprised at myself that I was ok with it and that I was able to appreciate and honour Baby Boy in the way that I could.

We thank you Baby Boy for your wonderful energy and helping us in our farm journey and providing us nutrients in more ways than one.  Namaste

Day 1 at HillTop Farm 2012


Spirit and her pal

Enjoying a beautiful summer eve

Thanks for everything!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Time to Slow Down...

Tis the season for slowing down...days are shorter and gardens are slowly getting put to "bed".  It has been an amazing summer...time went by TOOOO fast...looking forward to the wind down.

Purple new fav!

Ozzy @ 6 months

Ozzy being very curious

Bringing in the wood for winter...easy with the tractor!

Smarty Pants guarding the pumpkins!

K picking apples with his homemade apple ladder

Set up for apple pressing...with K's homemade apple press

Pressing apples.....the juice was awesome!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our life in Pictures

Sorry...not so much time for anything else but an update of photos

Ozzy at 4 time flies.

Our first batch of tomato sauce

Harvest for market

Karl made a Broadfork...pretty nice!

Having fun with the sunflowers

Making tomato sauce

Canning the sauce

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summertime @ the Farm

 Fresh picked strawberries....these went into the freezer to make jam in the fall...too hectic to do it now! 
Hay Time
 K & Ced unloading one of the many loads of hay...550 bales inside the barn for this winter...hope we have enough.....
and more hay.....

New addition
 We introduced 30 new little chicks to the pen...Barred the colours and they seem to have an energetic personality and fit right in the with the other chickens! 
 Love the outdoor sink that K is great for cleaning the garden goodies!  This harvest was beets, turnip and can see more is coming....
Aerial shot
Taken from an upstairs window...a good visual of the garden...don't mind the weeds!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Welcome to Summer 2014

I have had a hard time keeping up with the know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so here you go...

Our new Outdoor shower...Smarty Pants had to test it out also

K walking his cows

Our new chicks keeping their bum warm

Checking out the sweet spot of field

Ozzie enjoying the pasture

Ozzie and Spirit...some mom and son time

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring on the Farm

Smarty Pants ta
king his position on patrol...
 Garlic is up and doing well.....

First Market stand at River House Rug Hooking Studio....what a peaceful setting

 Beautiful flowers grown and made by our friend for sale at our table...

Green and purple mizuna growing in the greenhouse....

Max and Min temperatures in the greenhouse

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New on the Farm

May 2014...lots of change and new beginnings here at HillTop

Ozzy...the newest addition to HillTop
Spirit did a wonderful job and we now have a new little calf here on the farm.  He was born April 26th at about 5am...she did it all on her own.  K got up to go check on her, and Ozzy was already here!  What a wonderful surprise

Ozzy having a milk break
She is such a wonderful mom...she is so gentle and patient...we are so very fortunate to have her in our lives. 

Smarty Pants has also found some friends to hang out with...

We call her Minnie because she looks very much like our late Spartucus...we miss him...she is great company for Smarty Pants.

Mo and her Greenhouse

The greenhouse has been an AMAZING addition...we have had greens all winter and have been able to bring them to market since March which has been great for our own eating habits as well as to add some colour to our market table.  We have a wonderful community market  that brings a smile to my face on Saturday mornings.  It is great to see everyone enjoying each others company and relaxing and taking a Saturday morning break. 
Greens growing!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I am hoping for this (see above photo) to arrive soon and instead, yesterday we got this: 


We are supposed to have + temperatures over the next week so it should all melt very soon...not soon enough.  Fingers crossed...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Update

A few things that have been happening here at the homestead this month...

HillTop Greens Mix

I was able to harvest some salad greens and spinach that I had planted back in September!  It tastes soooo good to have fresh greens at this time of year!  Looking forward to getting things started in there soon!

HillTop Cider Barrel

K has been working on making a cider press and he has been able to complete two barrels as seen in photo.  He was able to source the wood from a local mill that makes lobster traps, and have local welder make the metal rings.  He was able to find plans on the net and has been able to build the barrel.  He has a few other projects on the go, so this gets done in his "spare" time. 

Spirit and BB enjoying winter
This is Spirit (Brown Jersey) and BB(Holstein steer) enjoying a winter day.  Spirit is going to have a calf in a few months and I think she is going to be a great mother.  She takes care of BB all the time.  Loved this moment and I was happy that I was able to get a photo of it. 

During the storm

On the 16th of February, we had an ice storm and this was the  aftermath.  The birch trees are so heavy with ice, the weight is bending them into all kinds of shapes.  Today (18th) it is starting to melt so we will see how they come back...I really hope they do!

Smarty Pants Rug Hooking

One last rug!  Smarty Pants has decided that he wants to help...not sure that is a good thing.