Sunday, November 10, 2013

Here you have it....

Mo's Braided Garlic 2013
My first year at braiding garlic.  They turned out not so bad.  We are selling them at market and they are a great way to store a bunch of garlic for the season. 

Speaking of garlic...we got our bulbs in for harvest next season.  Yes I counted....1173 bulbs went in!  We hope that we get that many back!!  They are tucked in nice and safe with a load of seaweed on top for a cozy winter. 

Spirit and Baby Boy

Spirit and Baby Boy had a great summer and they are enjoying grazing the field still into November.  Baby Boy is not such a baby anymore...he is bigger than Spirit and definately like an awkward teenager.  He can find his way into the strangest in the chicken coop eating their feed!  Hmmmm...not sure the chickens enjoyed the company.  
Spirit is definitely pregnant and is expecting her calf in March.  K and I are are both very excited and nervous.  We will share news and photos.

K, K's Mom and Mo
We had a wonderful visit with K's mom.  She arrived the middle of October and stayed for a week.  The weather was great...mild and sunny and the garden was still in full force.  We will miss her over the holidays...yet having her visit in October is such a perfect time of year to come for a visit.  She helped us out in the garden and spoiled us with delicious dinners!  Thanks for taking care of us :)

 Things are gearing down is still producing with kale, chard, beets, parsnips, turnips and black radish.  The greenhouse has also worked really well and we have an excellent salad mix...I think it is the best we have had all year.  Also gearing up to do wreaths for the holidays.  Never a dull moment here at HillTop!

Wreath making....

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