Sunday, July 7, 2013

What's Happening....

 The Scapes are here!  Just harvested this bunch from our garlic!  They are delicious sauteed with butter or olive oil!!  I am also making a scape pesto...which I will have for sale at the market so you will have to give it a try.  Feel free to stop by the farm to pick up some scapes before Thursday if you like! 

The scapes have to come off the garlic plant so the energy in the plant can form the bulb of the garlic.  We will have lots of garlic this year...can never have enough!!
Scapes and more Scpaes
 A small sampling of what we are bringing with us to market in Petite.  The garden is coming along and now that we have this heat wave, the tomatoes, basil and squash are loving it!!  We should have peas this week as well as some other greens and  Rainbow Swiss Chard.  Our cilantro, dill and parsley are also doing well.
Market Stand at Riverhouse
Curious George

We have discovered some hidden kittens in one of our old buildings.  They are soooo cute!  Hope they stay around.  I call this one George because he is always watching and wanting to know what is going on!  Maybe we will have a few new cats here at HillTop if they decide to hang out with us!

Spirit is also doing well...and she maybe pregnant!  We had her inseminated and all the signs look good so if all goes well, come April of 2014 she will have a new calf!  Exciting and nervewracking at the same time!!

Speaking of we are having this heat wave here...we decided to invest in an ice cream making machine...waiting to see how the first try of fresh Strawberry ice cream goes...we will keep you posted if we can type in between spoonfuls of homemade ice cream!!