Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I ate this winter....

Part of the tomato harvest
This title reminds me of a grade school essay of "What I did this summer".  How this title came about is K and I were discussing our harvest of last year and everything that we saved, canned, froze and bought.  It was pretty interesting to analyze our eating and to see what we had utilized from harvest in September until now. 

Let me take you back in time a bit...last June, K and I had a conversation about buying our staples in bulk for a number of reasons.  The first being cost and the second being to help us make sure we had supplies on hand in case we could not get into town.  So we went to Halifax and purchased our flour, rice and oatmeal along with our stash of harvest foods from the garden in various forms in the freezer or canned or stored.  Here is an idea of what our cupboards looked like

Oats - 30kg
Flour - 75kg
Rice - 18kg
Potatoes - 10lbs
Squash - 30lbs
Dried Beans - 10lbs (lots of homemade baked beans!)
Blueberries - 15lbs
Strawberries - 10lbs
Raspberries - 5lbs
Tomatoes - 24 x 1L jars of sauce, 6X500ml jars of salsa, 10L of salad d'hiver, bags and bags of frozen tomatoes
Beets - 8 x 1L jars of pickled beets
Garlic - 10lbs
Onion - 20lbs

We would have never thought we would eat that much stuff...but we do and also other items that are not listed.  We are going to do this exercise again this harvest and keep a more detailed record.  Perhaps you should as well....

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