Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HillTop Hoop House

Say that ten times fast...

Planting in the Hoop House
So we decided to give this a try as we wanted to put something in the garden.  K and I put this together a couple of days ago with PVC pipe and heavy duty plastic.  We kept the plastic down for a couple of days to help heat up the soil and boy did it get warm in there!  Not sure of the exact temperature, but it was cooking.

Today we planted some radish, spinach, mesclun mix, mache and cilantro.  Looking forward to seeing what will happen.  K started working the soil in the rest of the garden to get ready for some upcoming planting.  Sure hope the weather keeps getting more spring like!    Next year we are definitely looking into setting up a larger option for season extension on both ends...in spring and fall.  The wheels are turning as to what and how to do it and we will keep you posted.

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