Saturday, April 20, 2013

Green all over!

Greens under the hoop house...success!

Seedlings taking a sunbath and hardening off to get ready for planting
Lots going on at this time of year.  It looks like Spring may have arrived here on the South Shore...lets keep our fingers crossed that it has.  Seedlings are coming along nicely and now it is our job to get the garden ready for them to get out and grow some more.  This week the plan is to put out the Red, Yellow and White cooking onions and also maybe some pea seeds along with some more Spinach and Kale and we will see what else! 

This week our Shitake mushroom spawns are also arriving.  We are going to give it a try to see what happens.  We probably will not see any results until next Spring which is a long time to wait...although if it works...well worth the wait!  We will post photos when we are in the inoculating stage.

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