Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blue Gold

Our completed sand water filter

After speaking with our new friends from Blueberry Hill Farm, we decided to take on this project and make our own slow sand filter for our water.  The photo above is our completed model.  We used a cleaned out cooking oil (which is food grade) bucket to create this filter system. 
Copper pipe with holes leading to spigot
The next step was to put a pipe at the bottom with some holes drilled in it so the water can filter out through the tap.  K also added some rocks to assist with further filtration.
K then put a barrier from the pipe to sand which happened to be for us a piece of unbleached organic cotton to stop the sand from going into the pipe and into the water. 
Cotton cloth put in before the sand  

 He then added the sand (which happened to be silica for us as that is what we had) for the water to slow filter through and to catch all the impurities into the sand.  The sand removes pathogens and suspended solids from the water.  We let water run through the sand a few times to rinse it through. 

Pretty simple and a great and economical way to filter your water.  The filter can remove up to 95% ofdirt and cloudiness, and up to 95% or iron.  With our first few weeks of it, we love it and it feels like the water just tastes cleaner.  

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