Thursday, March 21, 2013

What we've been up to....

K and his tractor and tree
  •  We have been making a new clearing for potential garden space and we had some big trees to move.  K is hauling them to the end of our lane for a local lumber mill to pick up.  
  • We have been planning an preparing for upcoming markets this season.  We are confirmed for the Bridgewater Farmers Market , the West Dublin Market on Saturday's and a farm stand located in Petite Riviere on Thursday and Friday.  We are very excited about these events!
Market Box filled with seed packets

  •  K built these great market boxes for displaying our produce.  Right now this one is full of bean seeds ready to go to market on April 27th at the West Dublin hall
  •  We are still doing milking twice a day...once at 6:30am and the other at 5:00pm.  Spirit and Baby Boy are very content and are enjoying these sunny days and are looking forward to spring!  It is about 6 litres of milk a day and with all this, we have been making cream cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, mozzarella cheese and many other delicious items!  I look forward to doing ice cream (if anyone has a ice cream maker they are not using, let us know) and making a hard cheese as K made me a cheese press.  
Soap and more...
  •  K mad me a new soap mold with a great insert to make it easier to take the soap out!  I love it!!  I have a few batches made...lavender & chamomile, orange & cornmeal, peppermint and unscented...all an olive oil base.  I also have a bunch of lip balms ready again with olive oil and honey and beeswax.  Speaking of honey...I look forward to painting my hive soon and getting ready for the bees to come "home".  
  • K has been working very hard in our back field reclaiming pasture land.  Way back when, the cattle would graze but over the years it grew up and there are some HUGE alders on it.  A tough battle but K is doing a great job of bringing it back.  With this is mind, our idea is to have a fence line down to the pond to let our guys graze in our back field and have the pond as a water source.  K has been busy making fence posts with some of the trees he has taken down.  Lots of work, but full of rewards!

That's about it for now.  We did get another dump of poor man's fertilizer (snow) yesterday.  A late snowfall is supposed to help with nitrogen in the soil...we will take anything that comes our way naturally! 

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