Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sprouts, Seeds and Spring

Today I am giving a try to spouts...I have never done it before and have heard great things about it, so I am giving it a go.  It is a mix of alfalfa and chia and buckwheat.  I took a glass jar, soaked the seeds overnight and this morning, put cheesecloth with an elastic over the top part to let air in and the water out.  I let them it sit in a dark spot and at lunchtime, rinsed the seeds again and I will do the same later today.  I am excited to see what or how it will turn out. 

K and I also finalized the garden plan today and made sure that we have enough seed and quantities planned for this coming market season.  We have a couple of ideas of where we will be this year and will post something about it as the time comes closer and we have finalized details.  Doing the market  something I am really exicted and looking forward to and now that we have some experience under our belt, I think this year is going to go really well with a good selection of produce with an extended season.

Ok is not really K and I...just liked the image

This morning made some butter, homemade chocolate pudding for a dinner gathering tonight and rice pudding for K's dessert this week.  Not a bad day and use of Spirits riches! 

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