Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Name

Home Sweet Home

 Come on in and pull up a chair....

We have high speed internet again!  Wow what a difference it makes!!  So as promised, this blog will have some photos attached.

It has been a long while since we have posted and there is a few things to update.  The first being our homestead name...after some feedback and some ideas being tossed around, we decided to rename our homestead Hilltop Farm as we felt this better suited us and the location.  Let us know what you think!

Hilltop Farm - house on the right barn on the left

We have also been able to work outside a great deal as the weather has been very cooperative.  We have had temperatures up to 10degrees...although what is a bit scary is that the variance can go from -10 in the morning to +10 by the afternoon.  Very confusing for us, the trees and animals!! 

So because of this great weather, we have been able to clean out the barn from being a wood storage/tool shed to an empty building ready for some animals?!  We put the items that were in the barn into our area and we were able to salvage another outbuilding on the property to hold building resources/materials.  Video/pictures to come to give you a clearer idea of the buildings I am talking about.

Karl the lumberjack
Happy Sunday and promise we will be back very soon with another post! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012!

Sorry for the lack of posting...we have been super busy getting all moved in!  We spent our first night on December 9th and have been "home" ever since.  We are very happy and pleased with the way everything is definitely feels like home.

We celebrated the holidays with lots of friends and family and had a wonderful visit from our felt great to host them at our place.  We even had a lobster dinner...the one detail we forgot was the tools for eating lobster so we ended up using Karl's tools (vice grips, wrench) and nails to eat our dinner.  We all had a laugh...and certainly a great memory!  We did get a wonderful gift from Karl's parents of very beautiful lobster crackers and cutters for the next time!

At this time, we do have is just a bit slow as it is dial up so this post, I am not adding a photo.  We are supposed to have high speed by the end of the month so we will see what happens then.  Hopefully because this is slow.....

That's it for now and look forward to posting photos of our place.