Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Day of Kraut

The sauerkraut that we made the other day seems to be doing its magic.  There is lots of brine so I think that is a good sign to a successful kraut making day. 

It was such a treat to have our neighbor (who has lived in the same house that he is in now, his entire life) come over with his wife and teach us the traditional way of making sauerkraut.  The cutter is handmade by his grandfather who was the original homesteader of our property..

Taking the outer leaves off of the cabbage and then cutting them in half and placing them in water is the first stage of the process.  You then take the cabbage and slice them in the cutter...this one being handmade with old scythe blades as the cutters.  After you cut up a good amount of cabbage you place it in a bucket or they would have used a stoneware crock or wooden barrel

The next step is to stomp the cabbage until you bring out the "juice"/brine that it will ferment in.  This is done with a handmade stomper from one solid piece of wood and carved out to fit into the is a beautiful piece and just think of how much sauerkraut this piece had a part in...I am thinking we can't go wrong
You know that you have stomped enough when the cabbage starts to stick to the bottom of the stomper.  Once you have reached this point, you place a plate with a rock on it on top of the cabbage to keep it submerged in the brine for the fermentation.  That's it...and you let it sit and do its business for a few days keeping an eye on making sure there is brine.  We had 70 pounds of cabbage all from our garden and it made a bucket and a half of kraut.  The buckets I got where from a local grocery store from their hot food section and they were free as they were going to throw them out.  They worked perfect for the kraut.
It was such a great day in many ways...the company, the weather and the opportunity to make the sauerkraut with a person who lived here all his life and grew up on our property and to learn this traditional skill.  We will definitely be doing it again next year and this time having a sauerkraut making festival!  Stay tuned!


  1. Hello- I bought some of your kraut at the Wladorf Market and just ate some yesterday. Wow! It's delicious! I'll be buying more of this. There is a growing interest in cultured veggies and I think you have an authentic slow-food item here that is really special! Think about supplying Mateus Bistro in Mahone Bay. I'm very enthused with this product.

    Also... couldn't find how to contact you on your blog - email? phone? I'd like to find out about milk.
    best Val Hearder, Mahone Bay

    1. Thanks for the feedback Val. You can contact us via email at or and we can discuss getting you some more kraut! Have a great day, Monika