Monday, November 5, 2012

Latest Creation...Goat Cheese Mozzarella

Yes...Goat Cheese and I would have to say from the feedback that I received, that it was a success.  A friend of mine has a couple of milk goats that she shares their milk with me and her Mom.  We have been making chevre and I have quite a bit in the freezer (it makes a DELICIOUS cheesecake!)  I also want to try to do some goat milk soap which I will attempt as the winter slowdown continues.

Anyway, I had some time the other morning and decided that I would give the Mozzarella a try. 

Heating up the milk
It was a fairly straightforward experience, just needed some time for the steps and making sure the right temperature is achieved at the right stage.

This is the milk and whey separating and forming the curds that need to be kept at a certain temperature for a certain time for the magic to happen.
Blob of curds
This is what the curds look like separated from the whey and this point does.not look very appetizing...

Me and my Mozzarella
They step before it is actually a solid cheese, I could not take a photo because it needed both of my hands to do it.  You have to heat up the curds in either water or the whey (which I used) to 155 and then bring it out and stretch and squeeze it so that most of the whey comes out to give you a mozzarella.  A little hard for a photo and stretching 155 degree cheese curds...K got home just in time to take the finished product...and taste some too!

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