Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wrapping up Outdoor Season

Setting up for last outdoor market in Liverpool for 2012

It was a beautiful morning for our last outdoor market in Liverpool for 2012.  K took some great photos with excellent lighting.  We had a pretty full table with the last of the tomatoes, and cauliflower out for sale.  We even managed to have some pumpkins.  Thanks to everyone who supported us and chatted with us and we look forward to next Spring! 
Even Spart got in on the garden cleanup...
At the Petite winery it was harvest week also and I got the opportunity to be outside the shop and work in the vines and pick some delicious, beautiful grapes!  These are Leon Millot and yes, I did try some and they were good...can't wait to taste them in next years wines!

Leon Millot - Petite Riviere Vineyard

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