Sunday, October 14, 2012

Whole Food Plant Based Diet....Hmmmm

We rented this movie from our library last night
and it definitely gave me food for thought...sorry about the pun.  The whole premise is that disease can be reversed and controlled by eliminating animal base protein and dairy from our diet.  I do agree that eating a healthy balanced diet is an extremely important factor in health, yet I am not convinced about the animal protein.  Can it make a difference if the meat is not coming from a factory farm and raised by someone you know or yourself and you know what is going into the animal?  The same I feel about dairy products...what are your thoughts on the matter? 
K and I eat pretty healthy I would say...we do eat meat on occasion and not in large quantities and we do love our potato chips.  How about the philosophy everything in moderation? 

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  1. i eat the whole food plant based diet. i started doing this after watching FOK. in that video they do the study with rats where they decrease their casein intake from below 5% of their total diet, to more than 5% of their total diet. the diet of less that 5% the rats had a very low occurrence of cancer and pre-cancer clusters. the rats with a diet of greater than 5% had a much higher occurrence of cancer and pre-cancer clusters. then there is also the china study.