Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chanteclers at HillTop!

We are the proud new owners of 13 new chickens...the Chantecler.  These birds are a Canadian breed created in the early 1900's at the Abbey of Notre Dame du Lac in Oka, Quebec.  Our youngest editions are not sexed yet so the odds are pretty good that we will have a rooster in the bunch and perhaps increase the breed numbers of these birds.  
These are our 5 teenagers and 4 youngsters getting used to their new pen.

 This breed is designed to fit our Canadian climate so they have much smaller and tighter combs and wattles to avoid freezing and frostbite in the winter months.  Their white plumage covers them for insulation allowing the hens to lay eggs all winter long.  These are dual purpose birds meaning they are raised for both egg production as well as meat.  

We have 4 that are 1 yr old...this one is giving her new nesting box a try.  

The introduction of these new chickens to our existing flock went pretty smoothly.  They all seemed to have worked out their order and everyone is happy and healthy.  K and I were both a bit stressed of the introduction of the new birds wondering, will they all get along, hopefully they share, and can live well together.  They were perfectly is funny how we can impose our own insecurities and stress onto other things/creatures/people.  

Found these photos of some of the first rooster and hen...they are beautiful birds and we look forward to seeing what happens with our flock!

Rooster taken in 1926

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