Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beginner BeeKeeper

The Before....
Can you guess what these are or will be?  This is going to be a four super bee hive.  I am sooo excited that we will be getting bees in the spring of 2013.  This is definately my interest...K is happy about it, just not as excited as I am.  I have become friends with this amazing farm girl who is totally into bees and she started with a top bar hive http://www.beethinking.com/top-bar-hive.  This is something that is really awesome, just a little difficult to manage on one's own (personal opinion).  Sooooo...my project over the next few weeks is to build these pieces of wood into this....
The after...although not sure what mine will look like :)
K says he is totally going to help me...I am pretty determined to do it on my own although a little of his building expertise is definitely not going to hurt. Oh yeah, here is me with the latest in BeeKeeper Spring 2013!

Not the moon...beekeeping!

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