Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Hundred Feet Diet

A good portion of lunch from the garden

Lunenburg County Cucumber salad and delicious beet salad
Need I say more...Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life at HillTop

Farmer Mo
Busy time of year....with lots to do!  Harvesting, planting, selling, building...I look forward to the fall. 
Here we are using our new seeder planting some more arugula.  Our neighbor gave this to us as he figured that we could use it to make our job a little easier.  It is a bit easier and does take a bit getting used to as I usually do the seeding/planting by hand.  We also planted more beans, carrots, swiss chard and I will be doing more cilantro and lettuce.  We will see what happens.

West Dublin Hall where market takes place
We did two markets last week...Liverpool and the West Dublin market which is just down the road from us.  It was fun to see our friends and meet some neighbours and for them to see why we have been so busy.  It has been a great experience doing these markets...this week we are back at the Bridgewater market  Take a peak at their site as we had some wonderful photos taken of our table.  This week is the Going Green festival so it should be busy with lots of good and positive energy.  

Our table at West Dublin
Our neighbour selling her low bush wild blueberries with her helpers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Market Time

Our Market Table at Bridgewater Farmers Market

We did it!  We successfully went to two different farmers markets over the last weekend.  Friday we were at the Market on the Mersey in Liverpool, NS and then on Saturday we were at the Bridgewater Farmers Market  It was quite the experience...we were up at 4:30ish to begin harvest of the lettuce, kale, green onion, carrots, radish etc to get them at their freshest!  Did you know that it is still dark at this time...we were out there with our head lamps picking out the produce.  It was a bit of a logistical challenge to also fit all the baskets, display items, tent, table etc with all the veges in the back of the all worked and everything arrived at the market in one did we :)  It was great meeting all the people and getting such wonderful support from all of our family and friends.  Thanks to all and we will see you next weekend!

Sweet Peas, soaps and lettuce...oh my!
Thanks to a visitor to the market and our stand for this great photo.  Thanks to the boys (they know who they are) for the inspiration to do our own soaps and lip balm! 

See you at the farm!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Market

Playing Market at the Farm
Tomorrow is our first market as HillTop Farm!  We are going to be at the Market on the Mersey and then on Saturday at the Bridgewater Farmers Market  We are playing market today and setting things up to practise and see how it will look!  Exciting and nervous at the same time.  This is the soap and lip balm that I labelled today...quite happy with the style of the lip balm label.
Soap and Lip Balm ready to sell

We also officially opened for business with eggs and a roadside sign made by hand!  Things are going well...
Come and get your Farm Fresh Eggs!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beginner BeeKeeper

The Before....
Can you guess what these are or will be?  This is going to be a four super bee hive.  I am sooo excited that we will be getting bees in the spring of 2013.  This is definately my interest...K is happy about it, just not as excited as I am.  I have become friends with this amazing farm girl who is totally into bees and she started with a top bar hive  This is something that is really awesome, just a little difficult to manage on one's own (personal opinion). project over the next few weeks is to build these pieces of wood into this....
The after...although not sure what mine will look like :)
K says he is totally going to help me...I am pretty determined to do it on my own although a little of his building expertise is definitely not going to hurt. Oh yeah, here is me with the latest in BeeKeeper Spring 2013!

Not the moon...beekeeping!