Sunday, July 29, 2012

Harvest from Garden

A small bushel of peas ready to be shelled
The garden has been doing really well lately.  There has been some rain, lots of sun and with the compost that we added, it has definitely taken off.  It is just a lot later than what we would like, and definitely good practice for next year.
From shell to shelled
 These guys just came out of the pot for blanching and were headed to a freezer bag for storage for eating later in the year.  We are taking advantage of the crop that is coming and trying to save all we can.  Our next mission is to get a full size freezer because the one on the fridge just is not big enough!

Delish raspberries
These are the raspberries I picked at a local U-pick with some friends.  It was easy to pick 6 quarts and even some for the tummy.

Going to the Freezer
These also were being prepped for the freezer.  I washed them and put them on a cookie sheet to freeze in a single layer and then after they are frozen, I put them in a bag to take out as I need.  Most of these guys will turn into jam.

Yesterday egg harvest

These was yesterdays treasure.  K had 2 for lunch so a total of 9.  We (I mean the "girls") average about 10-11/day.  We are pretty happy with that and then when the younger ones start laying we should almost be double that.  According to my calendar that should start happening in October as long as there is enough light for them...we will see what happens.  I have started weighing the eggs to get an idea of size and to put the most similar size together.
On the scale
This one is one of the lighter ones.  I can get eggs that are up to 75g.  They are big ones and so orange and thick also.  People that are using them for baking say that they are some of the best eggs they have used as it has added flavour and texture to their baking.  We are pretty happy to hear that. 

These are the younger chicks...they discovered this old folk art swing that we had found in the barn and brought outside.  They love sitting in it.  We think it is hilarious as it looks like they are having a visit on the swing and catching up with the gossip. 

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