Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time Flies...

It has been a while to post something new...WOW time really flies by. 

BIN #2 getting ready for take off
So we had some pretty mild weather the past few weeks and we could not get our guy to pick up his bin with our metal in it because he could not make it up our driveway as it was so soft from defrosting.  We were fortunate enough that last weekend we had a few nights of -10 and a Monday morning of -7 that we called him up to take away Bin #2!  We were sooo happy to be rid of it...8 tonnes of metal later....yeah we could hardly believe that it was that much...and they were a bit surprised at the metal place also but happy to take it! 

Maple Tree Tapping
We were inspired by our neighbor out in LaHave who tapped her Maple trees and was able to get 1L of syrup from her trees.  We decided to give our first tapping a try...the sap started to flow and then stopped because of the colder temperatures but this week promises to bring mild sunny weather so maybe we will have some photos of our own syrup!  Whatever turns out...I am loving the experience.

Making the crepes...ok I didn't cook them, I just posed for the photo

Eating the Crepes
A special thank you to my family in Grimsby, ON to introducing Karl to Pancake Tuesday last year on our stop while driving across Canada.  We continued the tradition in our home with Buckwheat crepes (that Karl makes and they are delicious!) and also got invited to a friends for Pancake dinner!  Yum Yum! 

Happy March to came in like a lion here on the South Shore with about 10cm of snow...hopefully that means it will go out like a lamb! 

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