Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mowing the Lawn

Man and Machine
A great day for mowing "the lawn"...15 acres of pasture to be more specific.  I thought this was a great shot of Karl using the scythe and our neighbor (whose grandfather owned the homestead) with his tractor helping us mow the lawn.  We hope to have this field up and running for animals to feed, a goal that we are working on for next year.
Getting back to our is great that it was his family that owned the original homestead that runs back at least 150 years.  He is a great source of history of the land as well as the area.  I hope to have some information posted of the history when I have gathered all the information and some photos.

Priscilla's Palace
Meet Priscilla Porcupine
After the mowing, we decided to open up a building that we have been hesitant to open up as we really did not know what was in there,  Today we found out...a nice big porcupine...and oh yeah, more tires!  I am not sure what he did with all these tires...we now have over 100 of them...anyone have any suggestions/uses of what to do with them? 

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