Saturday, September 10, 2011


Spray Insulation

More of it...
Our latest project was the insulation.  We chose to go with Spray Foam as it was the easiest and most efficient to work with the existing building.  With the spray foam, it provides the vapor barrier, prevents mold and mildew, does not rot and gives us a higher Rvalue than the fiberglass option.  The spay was done on both the upstairs and downstairs walls as well as under the house to provide insulation to the floor (the house is on cement stilts so there is gap between the ground and the house).  We thought of doing it ourselves and in the end choose to go with a company out of Halifax that we would recommend if anyone is interested in this option.  They were efficient and clean and well worth the investment of having them do the job rather than doing it ourselves.

One step closer to being ready for winter and moving in!   

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