Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sorry for the delay

Ok...where does the time go????  We are coming into the MIDDLE of August...the 8th month of the year...WOW.  I have not been on top of updating...I do have some photos of what is happening around here...enjoy and promise to be back with more details....probably in the winter :)

New Gardens being built

I have to remember this...turns into....

THIS...and even more! 
K and is awesome to watch

I think she likes it

New Greenhouse in construction mode...

Almost finished...with our wood piled in front :)

K and Smarty Pants enjoying a moment on the wood pile

Ginger and Turmeric....will let you know what happens!

Summer Selfie

Monday, March 23, 2015

Snowva Scotia

I have to admit, there are certain times when the snow and ice is quite beautiful...but have to say, that it is enough now.  Another morning of waking up to temperatures at -12 feeling like -25!  Hard on everything...the animals are getting antsy to get further out into pasture onto something other than there white patch in front of the barn...
I am sure they are looking forward to days like this...
as we all are.  I have started seedlings inside and have put some seeds in the greenhouse, but it looks more like an igloo at the moment
The snow does help with keeping it a bit insulated, but it still is tough on the spirit.  Really looking forward to warmer days and let me tell you, will appreciate them sooo much!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


So in the last few weeks we have gotten ALOT of snow!  I have not officially measured our accumulation, but it is a significant amount.  The snow drifts are at the top of our electric fence which is at least 4 feet high...that is going to take a LONG time to melt!!

K helping me take things to the root cellar...notice the fence posts...
This is K falling through the snow...kind of funny from where I was
Ok ok...I will admit that it is just makes things that much more challenging.  Getting to the chickens...letting them out if they choose to go...they really don't like the snow much.  The cows are having a challenge walking through the drifts so again we have shovelled an area just outside their entrance so they can enjoy the sun.
Spirit in the Sun

We put hay around the entrance so they can get some sun
The light is spectacular...
I think the cats have the best idea...

Sleeping in a nice warm and comfy bed....

and watching it all take place from inside!

Until next time...oh yeah...sorry for the spots on the was taken through one of our bedroom windows...I guess it is time to wash them!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Way back in October, this is what K was doing...picking apples with his homemade apple ladder.  He was inspired by a Peter Barss' book to make the ladder as well as the apple press. 

K picking our old apples

 The result of our apple picking as well as from some of our neighbours trees...
The apples
 In the background you can see the apple press.  Karl made the oak barrels and designed the stand and the actual press.  The apples waiting to be squeezed....

K, his harvest and press

Adding apples
Apples being added and pressed.  The system worked very well with lots of bottles of juice to be had!

Nice fresh juice
Squeezing for the most juice possible

We did freeze alot of the juice and also decided to try to make some "hard" cider.  We let the juice ferment in a carboy for over a month and then bottled it.

Hard Cider
Now for the finished product...another month to wait to see how good the juice is on the "hard" side. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Day

The time has come to process our "Baby Boy"...the Holstein steer that has been companion to our beautiful Jersey girl Spirit.  Now that Spirit has Ozzy, we can make the move to utilize Baby Boy for our winter supply of meat.  It is not as easy as it may seem.  We know that he had a great, happy, healthy just means it comes to an end. 

I have never been this involved with my food before...I eat meat and quite enjoy it.  The decision to choose the day when Baby Boy became Freezer Boy...was a very emotional, mental and physical journey.  I thank K and our friends that helped us that day.  I was not present the day that it happened...I had market to do...thankfully.  K was very proactive and took the steps that were needed for Baby Boy to die in a peaceful and contented manner.  I am very proud of him and respect him for this journey.   

I was part of the journey when it came time to choose the cuts of meat and how to package.  I was surprised at myself that I was ok with it and that I was able to appreciate and honour Baby Boy in the way that I could.

We thank you Baby Boy for your wonderful energy and helping us in our farm journey and providing us nutrients in more ways than one.  Namaste

Day 1 at HillTop Farm 2012


Spirit and her pal

Enjoying a beautiful summer eve

Thanks for everything!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Time to Slow Down...

Tis the season for slowing down...days are shorter and gardens are slowly getting put to "bed".  It has been an amazing summer...time went by TOOOO fast...looking forward to the wind down.

Purple new fav!

Ozzy @ 6 months

Ozzy being very curious

Bringing in the wood for winter...easy with the tractor!

Smarty Pants guarding the pumpkins!

K picking apples with his homemade apple ladder

Set up for apple pressing...with K's homemade apple press

Pressing apples.....the juice was awesome!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our life in Pictures

Sorry...not so much time for anything else but an update of photos

Ozzy at 4 time flies.

Our first batch of tomato sauce

Harvest for market

Karl made a Broadfork...pretty nice!

Having fun with the sunflowers

Making tomato sauce

Canning the sauce